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**** "In The News" VOLUNTEERS NEEDED !! ***


In the News!!

May 16th, 2018 - W9AIQ Repeater located in Ellison Bay is currently off line due to a receive module failure.  ETR (Estimated time of repair) is unknown at this time.

Did you remember to pay your Dues??

If you haven't already, or just forgot, 2019 dues can now be submitted to the Club Treasurer to keep you on the Active Member list. Dues for 2019 are $12.00, and help pay for repeater maintenance / repair, and other club functions.  A link at the bottom of this page has a pre-formatted form you can print out and send to Joan for processing. We do appreciate our members support, which has allowed us to maintain our repeater sites. 

If questions, please contact Joan at:

Joan - KC9KMA, 920-746-0366JoanJEFox(at)aol.com


Volunteers Needed!!

"When All Else Fails, There is Ham Radio"

ARES.. RACES.. SATERN.. MARS.. No, these are not Greek Gods or Planets, but radio services and networks operated by licensed Amateur Radio volunteers who are trained to provide communications assistance to the public and government agencies when their communications fail. A catastrophic blackout caused by a major weather event, or by man made incidents, could takeout modern modes of telecommunications that the public and governmental agency infrastructures depend on to communicate. However, time and time again, amateur radio provides critical communications when all else fails.

DCARC supports the Door County ARES program, and we need new and even former volunteers to step up and fill in the gaps. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of trained radio amateurs who provide public service communications support. Trained operators help their communities in good times and bad, through community events, disaster response, and various programs.

Door County Government has stepped up and provided our club with updated equipment and material. Now is the time for our members to step up and give back to our county and local communities. Become a volunteer!

For more information contact Mike Green - WB9OKC, the county ARES Emergency Coordinator.


The Echolink node #910826 to the W9DOR Repeater (147.21 / PL +107.2) link is operational and continues to be available for anyone to make contact with the Good Morning Net, as well as operators who come up to Door County for the summer, vacation, or year round use.   Everyone is encouraged to try it. 

Door County WeComm Repeater Link is Active!!

The new local repeater link into the WeComm Ltd sponsored State Wide (Wisconsin) VHF repeater system was installed at the Brussels site in July 2017, and with Kewaunee having completed their frequency assignment change in early March 2018, the new Door County Link was placed into service, and we immediately ran into interference (IM) issues. After 2 site visits the issues remain but a tempory fix was made. 

From WeComm - 

The WE9COM Brussels (Door County) 146.805 repeater is back on the network. A Tech Team of expert technicians spent the day trying to run down and eliminate an intermodulation issue. Our Brussels transmitter, when mixed with two additional carriers in the public service band create a 3rd order harmonic directly on the repeater receiver frequency.

The Tech Team was able to identify the mix, duplicate it, and ultimately decided through exhaustive testing the IM was not being created in WeComm equipment. The IM issue will need to be further researched. For the time being, a workaround was implemented. The receiver CTCSS tone is 146.2, the tone assigned in our coordination documents. However, we’ve implemented an 85.4 hz CTCSS tone on our transmitter. Those using tone-decode on their mobiles and HT’s should use carrier squelch with transmit encode of 146.2.

The WE9COM Brussels system was turned on for the first time 03-03-2018. It was quickly determined an issue was causing the system to stay transmitting once the three emitters were on simultaneously causing the 3rd order harmonic mix. By moving the CTCSS transmit encoder tone we are able to stop the combined signals from keeping the receiver active. However, the IM is still there. Weak signals received will have noise on their signals, including the buzz associated with digital modulation.

Please continue to use the system as you normally do. If you wish to communicate any issues you may have, please contact techteam@wecomm.org


 If you would like to submit a news item, just drop a email to the club's Secretary (Joan - KC9KMA).



Latest Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, weather conditions and forecast

"Dues for the Door County Amateur Radio Club for 2018 are presently $12.00 per year. "

Send to:  Joan Fox / KC9KMA (Club Secretary)

A payment form can be printed out by clicking - "Here"

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