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Meetings & Events

Meeting minutes will be emailed out to all club members. Please ensure we have your most current email address so that we can keep all members up to date on club events.

We will also post club meeting minutes here for all members who do not have an active email address.

Upcoming Meeting dates 2015:

July 18th (Sat) 10:30am @ the Fox's for Coffee Break and Regular Mtg. RSVP is requested, please contact Joan or Jef by email JoanJEFox@aol.com or on the Good Morning Net if you plan on attending

Aug 22nd (Sat) 2pm @ K9BIO's for Annual Fish Boil (RSVP required, will send out event details soon)

Sept 19th (Sat) 10:00am @ WB9OKC for Coffee Break and Regular Mtg

Oct 21st (Wed) 6:30pm @ (TBD) for Regular Mtg

Nov - No Mtg

Dec12th (Sat) 4:30pm @ Birminghams for Xmas Party.

Although in the past the 3rd Wed of the month was the normal meeting dates, we have found more members can plan to attend mtgs held on Saturdays during the Spring / Summer and some members work during the week, and allows for others who travel to the mtgs can do it in daylight. After Sept we move back into a Wed evening schedule if possible.


Local NE Wisconsin Events -2015:

There will be a SAGBRAW / Bike Wisconsin event in NE Wisconsin this year. Aug 1-7 2015. Email requesting volunteers was sent out under separate email. If you would like to volunteer please contact the club president.

Directions will be posted or emailed to all members no later than the weekend before the meeting or event.

Past Meeting Minutes

DCARC Meeting Minutes June 2013 (.pdf)

DCARC Meeting Minutes July 2013 (.pdf)

DCARC Meeting Minutes Oct 2013 (.pdf)

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