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It has been a very busy 2016 for club members - repeater upgrades, modified participation in Field Day 2016, new members joining the club, and other various activities.  Although we do not sponsor the "Good Morning Net", it continues to be active and growing.  We always encourage operators both living in and even visiting the area to join in the conversation. Net runs Mon-Sat at 0800 local on the W9DOR Sturgeon Bay VHF repeater (147.210 Mhz / PL+107.2).

We have new members!!  I will have the club listing of active members updated this September.  Welcome!!!!

Have you ever considered becoming a ARES-RACES member??  Drop a msg to Mike Green - WB9OKC, who is the Emergency Coordinator for Door County.  His email is listed on the members page, or you can catch him on the Good Morning Net.

Elections - At the last regular meeting we discussed the need for upcoming elections and changes to the Club's Constitution. This is very important, we need everyone's participation.  More to follow via email to active members.  To vote you MUST be an active member in good standing. If you are a former club member or would like to join the club, contact our club secretary at the email address on the main page (at the bottom).

In other 2016 news - 

The Echolink node #910826 to the W9DOR Repeater (147.21 / PL +107.2) is back online after a major outage in early July.  We continue to work out the bugs as we updated the server to Windows 7 and switched to a SignaLink VOX interface. The link is operational and continues to be available for anyone to make contact with the Good Morning Net, as well as operators who come up to Door County for the summer, vacation, or year round use.   Everyone is encouraged to try it. 

We have some club repeater updates to announce !!  In July the finishing touches were completed to the new UHF repeater installed at the new Verizon / Door County Govt tower at Brussels Hill. The repeater is dedicated in memory of Ken Meyer - K9KJM/SK. The new repeater was to replace Ken's older system at his QTH but never completed due to his illness.  With tower access no longer available,  Door County Govt stepped up and allowed us to install the repeater at their new Brussels Site (Ken was a very active member of the county's CATS sub-cmte for many year, representing Amateur Radio / ARES-RACES for Door County).  The new repeater is a 100W MSF-5000, operating on 444.000 PL +107.2. It's current coverage is Sturgeon Bay South down into Upper Brown and Kewaunee Counties. Our plan is to do some re-orienting of the antenna for better county coverage.

As of Aug 25th, the Sunny Slope Upgrade Project is officially completed.  The club received an excess 100W VHF Mastr3 repeater from Door County in 2015 to replace the aging MICOR repeater for the site in support of club and ARES-RACES activities.  The repeater received an overhaul by Mark R - N9MEA, and installed / placed into service this past Spring by club members Rick - WB9RJB and Howie - K9HAH. The repeater received a tune up / install of a ID-O-Matic 4 ID'r by Bill Becks - WA8WG, with assistance from Rick and Howie.  The new ID'r w/Audio module was donated by club member Larry Miglore - K9DIP. Bill did a fantastic job researching and installing the ID'r. Rick built and mounted the ID'r on a easy access shelving unit.  This is a very professional looking installation, and I would like to thank Bill and Rick for all their work in finishing this project. The site call sign has been officially changed to W9DOR/R, with a new voice announcement message.

A 2nd Mastr3 repeater was transferred to the club / ARES-RACES for another site upgrade in March 2016. After some serious discussion, we are planning for this repeater to become the main W9DOR Sturgeon Bay repeater, as soon as it is returned from maintenance from N9MEA. The existing Kenwood Repeater will remain as a hot backup.


September 2014 Fish Boil - Club Event

Our annual FISH BOIL , will be held on Saturday, September 13.   Start time for conversation and fire prep is 1:00pm,  The food will be served at 2:00pm.  There will be a NEW LOCATION for this event, revealed to you when you make your "reservation"!!

For so many years, John Enigl (K9HJL) and his wonderful wife, Mary Ann have been our gracious hosts.   We are so pleased to announce that this year, Jon Hollingshead (K9BIO) and his wife, Judy,  will assume all the cooking and preparation duties.  The menu for this special event will be prepared  in the traditional manner of a Door County Fish Boil.  
Because of the need to order the right amount of fish, and fixings, we most seriously urge you to PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you are coming, and even if you THINK you might!
As always, all are welcome - members, friends, and spouses!  We hope you'll speak to us on the air at the good morning or good afternoon nets --- or via email -- or by phone, and let us know your plans.  We'll reveal to you the new location.
We feel this event will be a highlight of our summer, and hope you can attend.  This is a big change, making such a tight rsvp request - but we know you understand the great effort our hosts are undertaking.  As Jon will need to order the fish a few days before the event, we are asking all RSVP's be in no later than the morning of Sept 8th (Monday).  We will be asking $5.00 per person to cover the expenses.
We already have 12 signed up to come -- and hope to hear from you too!!  Please contact Mike/WB9OKC    ( ) or Joan/KC9KMA  (  on the air, or via email.
Again:   RSVP's in no later than Sept 8th AM, Fish Boil Saturday, September 13, 2014.   Start 1pm, eat 2pm.  (rain or shine)
See You There!!

7/27/2014 - Passing of Ken J. Meyer - K9KJM (SK)  Past President - DCARC and former Door County A.R.E.S. Emergency Coordinator (EC)

It is with a very sad heart that I pass on this notification of passing for Ken, who was one of my "Elmers" when I first started in Amateur Radio.

A condolence card and flowers will be sent on behalf of the club members. There will be active announcements on both the W9DOR site as well as the clubs web page.

Below is a clip from Huehn's Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay of arrangements.


Kenneth John Meyer, 69, of Sturgeon Bay passed away at home on July 25, 2014, after a brave battle with cancer.

He is survived by his wife, Bonnie (Keller); son, Matthew, daughter, Michelle and her husband Eric Christensen; grandchildren Calvin and Claudia Meacham. He was preceded in death by his parents, Roland and Lorraine (Paschke) Meyer.

Ken was born June 12, 1945, in Sturgeon Bay, and graduated from Sturgeon Bay High School in 1963. He worked as a radio dispatcher & jailer for the Door County Sheriff's Department for 23 years, and was the founder and owner of Door Cablevision, the first cable television company in Northern Door County.

He was an active member of the Door County Amateur Radio Club, and the Door County Emergency Communication Committee. Ken was an avid hobbyist and collector, with far too many interests to list, but some of which included restoring old cars and military vehicles, homesteading, and hunting for bargains.

Visitation will be held at Huehns Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay on Monday, July 28, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with a service of remembrance at 6:30 p.m. and the Rev. Dr. Matthew R. Knapp officiating.

The family would like to express sincere appreciation to Dr. Winkler and Green Bay Oncology Staff for their knowledgeable and caring support over the past year, and to Unity Hospice for their timely and compassionate assistance in the last days of Ken's life.

Sign online guestbook and offer condolences and memories at A direct link to his obit can be found at -

6/01/2014 - DCARC Club Meeting and Elections

Announcing DCARC CLUB MEETING AND ELECTIONS to be held at the field day site.
We hope to have such a large turnout of members for Field Day, we will hold our June monthly meeting and CLUB ELECTION OF OFFICERS at that time.  Any club member with their 2014 dues paid is eligible to vote.  You may pay your dues ($10) before the meeting begins.
Here is the schedule:
SETUP: begins at 10:00am.  This will include a few tables, chairs, operating stations and an awning for shade.   There is NOT expected to be any heavy lifting, so all are welcome to come and pitch in without fear of injury.  Coffee break to follow.
MEETING:  We expect to be ready to start at 11:00am, and meetings generally last about an hour.  (see below for election procedure)
LUNCH:  The grilled meat is provided (PPPLLLEASE RSVP so we have enough)  And, the side dishes, and snacks, and dessert will be pot luck style.  We ask each person, or couple, to please bring something to share for about 15 people.   Feel free to bring your own preferred beverage that is NON-ALCOHOLIC.
You can RSVP via email to Mike/WB9OKC or Joan/KC9KMA , or if you hear us on the morning nets - Good Morning Net @ 0800 lcl Mon - Sat on the W9DOR Repeater (147.21 Mhz / +107.2 PL) or Echolink Node 910826
FIELD DAY START:  Radio operations may begin at 1:00 pm.   We expect to be on the air for a few hours to re-introduce this event to the club.   See additional information on the club's IN THE NEWS website page as well as the email sent to all members on June 2nd.  

LOCATION:   for the meeting and event is the home of Mike (WB9OKC) and Holly Green. Their address is:

Mike Green - WB9OKC
6955 Logerquist Rd, Bailey's Harbor 
Talk in will be available on the W9DOR Repeater - 147.21 Mhz / PL 107.2.

Here is a Google Maps link to their home - Mike & Holly's (click their names to go to a Google map)



NOMINATIONS: election will be held for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Board Members.  All nominees must be members of the Door County Amateur Radio Club.

You may nominate candidates by: attending the meeting, by proxy e-mail to the secretary, or a written proxy letter to the secretary or an active club member.
Again:  you must have paid your 2014 dues  ($10) by the start of the meeting to be eligible to be nominated, to make a nomination, or to vote in this election.   All proxy materials must be in hand by the start of the meeting.  If you cannot recall if you are up to date, or have any questions,  you may email the secretary or call.
    Joan Fox/KC9KMA   or 746-0366

6/01/2014 - Club Field Day Event Announcement

We will be gathering at the home of Mike / WB9OKC in Baileys Harbor - outside, if weather permits.  Mike's QTH - 
Mike Green - WB9OKC
6955 Logerquist Rd, Bailey's  Harbor
Map to address - (click on link)
What is Field Day?    The ARRL sponsored 24 hour event is an emergency operation "dress rehearsal".   Individuals and clubs participate to various degrees of sophistication by setting up functional radio stations that are equipped to operate in an emergency situation.  This is not limited to: radio, antenna, power sources, creature comforts etc.
Our club will plan to have two radio stations available -- one for "phone" / voice, and one for "CW" / morse code.   All licensed operators are welcome to make contacts under the Extra class license of Jef Fox / KC9GBX (at the site ONLY)
We will gather at 10 am, to set up the radio station, which will include an awning, tables, chairs, computer and cables, power cords, radio and antenna connections.   We think it will be a good idea to stay small for this first operation in many years.   Our goal is to have an enjoyable and educational event, that will re-introduce field day to the club, and welcome new people into the experience.   Interested visitors (friends, family) will be able to make contacts if they desire, and are welcome to attend.
We plan to be on the air for several hours, offering chances to operate the radio, copy, and log, as well as become familiar with HF operations during a contest.
"Creature comforts" will include a small picnic at lunchtime, and beverages.  PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you are coming by Friday June 27 at noon, so we purchase enough for your lunch. We ask each family to bring a SNACK  or DESSERT (for about 15 people) to share.
You can RSVP via email to Mike/WB9OKC  mikefbina186(at) or Joan/KC9KMA joanjefox(at) , or if you hear us on the morning nets - Good Morning Net @ 0800 lcl Mon - Sat on the W9DOR Repeater (147.21 Mhz / +107.2 PL) or Echolink Node 910826
Bring a cheerful team spirit to join in the activities at hand, which will include:  set up, operating, logging, take down, and meal prep.  The event coordinator for the day is Mike, WB9OKC.
Personally, you can bring appropriate clothing for the day, and your food contribution and, if desired:
bug spray
paper/pencil  (to practice copying if you desire)
personal beverage choices... NON alcoholic only, "travel" coffee mug
lawn chair

We look forward to seeing you there!

2/03/2014 - Web Page updates!

We have made some changes to the site. The Meeting page has been updated for 2014, with planned dates for regular meetings, club sponsored events, and upcoming events around NE Wisconsin. Also changes to the main page, and the new addition of a Club Repeaters Info page. We are looking for monthly meeting sponsors who might open their home and host a meeting.

2/01/2014 - Request for Amateur Radio Volunteers - 2014 Cellcom - Green Bay Marathon

We have received a assistance request from the Amateur Radio Communications Volunteer Coordinator. They are in need of additional radio operators due to 2 courses being run this year. We announced the request in the latest club email newsletter. Please contact a club officer if you are interested in attending the event.


11/14/2013 - Annual Christmas Party Update !!! 

We are now taking reservations, on the air or via email.  The dinner is at 6:00 pm at Birminghams Bar, and the cost is $10.00 per person.

We have 13 confirmed, and 4 tentative -- so --- please listen in over the next 2 weeks.  If we have more than 20 people coming, we will be having a "family style" dinner with two entrees, and will take your input on selections.  (ham, chicken, meatballs etc)

We really don't want to inconvenience their busy kitchen by having too many folks come without reservations - so please make every effort to sign up.   Thanks so much.

Joan, KC9KMA

KC9KMA (at)

10/22/2013 - Annual Christmas Party Announcement

Date:  Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Time:  starting 6:00 pm
Place:  Birmingham's Bar and Restaurant
We will have information soon about reservations, menu, and prices.  This event is open to all members, spouses (+one, etc), guests.  Stay tuned for more details on the website, and nets.  You will want to RSVP early via email to Joan - KC9KMA or if you hear us on the morning net.  (8am M-Sat  147.210)

8/25/2013 - Annual Fish Boil Event was a big turnout! 

The annual event is officially in the books with 28 in attendance.  Although extra people showed up, there was plenty of fish and potatoes for everyone. 
Hosted by John (K9HJL) & Mary Ann Engil, with fish boil master Jon (K9BIO) handling the cooking, the event kicked off at 11:00 AM and lasted to well past 2:00 PM. Everyone had a great time and are already looking forward to next year's boil.
A special thanks goes to Margie (Cardy) Gabert, who paid for the fish in honor of her father Clayton (W9OVO) (SK) who enjoyed the fish boils in past years.  Also in attendance was his daughter Donna. The club would like to thank both of them for attending and for Margie's gift.
I understand besides the fish & potatoes being cooked to perfection, the desserts were excellent, with so many to choose from!
Thank you to everyone who assisted and attended the last outdoor event for 2013. Remember the next event is the Christmas Part in December.

8/14/2013 - Annual Corn Roast was a big success! by Ken (K9KJM)

The 2013 corn roast is in the books, another huge success thanks to all those attending, And special thanks to those helping out cooking, etc.

 The weather started out nice and warm, sunny, with a light breeze, and stayed that way until everyone had their fill of the super sweet corn that was both roasted by WB9OKC, KG9AS, K9MLU and boiled by K9BJB, Brats, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Chips, And the special treats provided by some were especially delicious!  
Eric Christensen, The new Door County Emergency Services Director attended and displayed the latest DHS super secure hand held radio line. (All those viewing the radio were sworn to secrecy about it's existence!)
Around 7PM distant thunder could be heard approaching from the north, and sure enough within 20 or so minutes a light rain started to fall, with a few great flashes of mother natures fireworks on display!  The canopies provided good protection from the rain, which eventually started to really come down.  Those who stuck around enjoying a few "807's" were treated to some cloud to cloud lightning displays that were really great!   When the storm passed over the rain stopped and the lightning off to the south, southwest was better than any man made fireworks display, at times filling the entire sky!
Thanks again to all attending and helping out making the 2013 corn roast one of the best ever!

8/14/2013 - Results of the Echolink testing to club repeaters by Ken (K9KJM)

The AAR (After Action Report)  on the results of the testing on the local VHF repeaters is as follows:

The 147.180 Sister Bay/Ellison Bay repeater did pass Echolink on an outgoing basis, but the Motorola Micor is set up to not allow DTMF tones through it, so therefore, calls could not be initiated from base or mobile stations via RF through the repeater.    While the repeater did allow incoming Echolink calls (or calls outgoing that were initiated at my link radio), the operation was far from the best. There were many cases of "repeater tail chasing" etc. 
The 146.730 Egg Harbor  repeater did allow outgoing calls, and worked fairly well, but the "oddball" squelch tail of the .73 repeater itself, and sometimes there were cases of repeater "tail chasing" also.  Overall, at least could be called fully functional.
The 147.210 (Kenwood TKR750 107.2 tone) seemed to work the best of the VHF repeaters.  (We did not attempt to test the 147.21 Motorola Micor hot standby repeater on 100.0 tone, perhaps some time in the future). Incoming and outgoing Echolink calls worked fairly well, there were only a few cases of "repeater tail chasing".   Audio seemed the best of the VHF repeaters, (but nowhere near the quality of audio over the 444.000 UHF repeater.)
The Echolink has been returned to the 444.000 107.2 tone repeater, Where it performs best.
A reminder to all, The 444.000 UHF repeater, located near Sturgeon Bay is an "Open" repeater, and should be able to be used by most everyone who uses the other repeaters.  Exceptions would be weak stations below the bluffs in Sister Bay, etc
I encourage the experimentation and operation of Echolink over this repeater by all. (444.000 output,  +5Mhz input (449.000) 107.2 tone)
For those who wish to check in to local nets via Echolink, I suggest an experiment using the 444 repeater)
Ken  K9KJM

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